Logan Lynn: Musician-Activist

Gay electropop-rock singer Logan Lynn (“Bottom Your Way to the Top”), who recently stopped by to play at San Francisco’s Rock-It Room along his West Coast tour, is now offering up his music for LGBT causes. Buy his new CD I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday, and funds go to a Portland LGBT Center.

I’m freshly out of my contract with The Dandy Warhols’ Beat The World Records and have decided to give to charity instead of officially releasing it,” said Logan in a recent press release.  He’s also “taking a hiatus from the music industry to work full time for LGBTQ rights.  I’m not gonna tour or do any of the bullshit that goes along with releasing records these days for some time to come but I’m really happy with how the record turned out and would love to help raise money for the gays so it would be great if you choose to cover it in whatever capacity.”

100% of the proceeds of Logan’s CD  are going to his fundraiser for the Portland Q Center, Oregon’s only LGBT Community center.  The only way to get the record is by donating to them directly.  Info and instructions are on his website.


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