Summer Splash

by Jim Provenzano

BARtab July cover models Frank and Kareem get wet. photo: Steven Underhill

Mark Twain, brilliant as he was, probably didn’t consider the prospect of global warming when he opined about spending his coldest winter day one summer in San Francisco. Sure, we have our share of out-of-season brisk and foggy days. Heck, we don’t even have normal seasons.

But still, outdoor and daytime nightlife can be fun, especially when you can get a bit wet. This brought up the question; where can a queen enjoy a poolside cocktail?

The easiest route? Get a room. Numerous hotels include small indoor and outdoor pools. Treat yourself like a tourist and enjoy the many accommodations. You can also attend one of the many (mostly straight) parties held at the renovated Phoenix Hotel. Of course, Juanita More has held annual Pride parties there. But this year, due possibly to the events sheer popularity, she doubled her efforts and moved an additional one elsewhere.

Unfortunately, that venue’s management noted that photo shoots at their quaint little pool required lengthy advance legal permissions from the artist who added those, uh, creative swipes of color on the pool. So, you’ll not see any lavish photos of that ‘work of art’ here.

2010’s Utopia party, held at a South San Francisco pool, was quite a hoot. It’s too bad it’s not become an annual event.

Fortunately, the friendly staff at Casa Dolores apartments (240 Dolores St.) let the prolific photographer Steven Underhill captures cutie-pie models Kareem and Frank Finucchi (a friendly staffer at The EndUp, by the way), as they donned skimpy swimwear and cavorted in the apartment complex’s lovely pool.

But if you’re not planning on renting, where can you go to get wet and wild?

Cruisy pool scene at San Jose’s Watergarden

Fortunately, several gay and very gay-friendly hotels, resorts and bed and breakfasts in the Russian River are only a short drive away. Check out our feature article “Into the Woods,” for a summer full of fun opportunities.

If you’re headed to San Jose, The Watergarden offers a clean outdoor pool that’s not only clothing optional, it’s a sex-happy cruisefest for men 18 and over; check out the special events on their website. 1010 The Alameda, San Jose. (408) 275-1215.

For pool of a completely different kind, stop by Kok Bar (1225 Folsom St. and other taverns that feature pool tables. It’s cool, dark and sometimes cruisy.

Until then, perhaps you’d like to smuggle a flask on a seaside hike, park yourself along the coast for a view of the ruins of the Sutro Baths, and pine for the days when bartenders and poolboys offered dual service.

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