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Best Bites in the Castro

There are more than a few respectable restaurants peppered throughout the Castro neighborhood. Moreover, the diversity is unprecedented. Here are a few favorite specific bites in the ‘Stro.

Comfort Me, Food

San Francisco has always been a brunchy town, with people queuing up for their weekly dose of omelets and mimosas. Here’s a few favorite spots that go above and beyond the obvious eggs and pancakes, and puts their particular stamp on comfort food.

Blush Wine Bar

Stylish yet casual wine bar and restaurant features an expansive arrays of wines: reds, white, sparking, -even beer- and a diverse tapas, antipasti and full-meal menu with pizzas, sandwiches and desserts. Frequent live music and art exhibits make it a cultural cul-de-sac as well.

Cafe Cool

Not in the mood for crowded bars and clubs, but still want to be out late? San Francisco offers a host of cafes that are open into the wee hours of the morning and offer everything from sweet concoctions and confections to art, entertainment and even a little bit of hookah.

Cafe Flore

Cafe Flore, “Best Cafe in San Francisco,” according to readers of the SF Bay Guardian in the most recent years, has been the Heart & Soul of the Castro since 1973. A landmark all-ages cafe known for our distinctive brunch and dinner menu, sunny outdoor brunch, full bar with great [...]


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