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On the Tab, May 1-8, 2014

Red dress drag, hunky man drag, leather drag; honeys, you’re born naked and the rest is all drag. So drag your butt out for some fun, no matter what you’re (not) wearing.

Cheap Eats

San Francisco is one of the great capitals of cheap eats, despite our famously high cost of living. While it’s not hard to drop a few Benjamins on a meal in this town, if you’re canny you can easily make George your dining partner for the night. The major questions are where and when.

On the Tab, April 17-24, 2014

Oh, look; saucy drag queens, sexy gogos, talented gay singers, funny lesbian comics, and yet another beer bust day at The Eagle; simple pleasures.

On the Tab, April 10-17, 2014

A quartet of fabulous women with stellar vocal talent lead our listings this week. Oh, and Japan’s wacky pop-punk band gets a nod. Ogle gogos, slurp cocktails and enjoy a week of nightlife fun.

On the Tab, April 3-10, 2014

We celebrate the best of the Bay Area this week, and each week, yours truly selects the best of possible outings, events, and whatever washes up between my oceans of spam email.

On the Tab,
March 27- April 3, 2014

Under the guise of April Fool’s Day, you may be tricked into going places that aren’t as festive as they seem. But trust me; these are the most entertaining events going on through the next eight days; no foolin’!

On the Tab, March 13-20, 2014

You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy a few drinks this weekend, but whether you’re a teetotaler or a total tramp, keep it down if someone’s singing or speaking; not that some performers don’t like a rowdy crowd, and plenty of wild times are available.

On the Tab,
March 6-13, 2014

Authentic, unique sounds are the attraction this week, along with performers’ sartorial savvy. This week, dress up, iron your shirt, skirt or skort, get out and stay classy.

On the Tab
Feb. 20-27, 2014

Is it possible to enjoy a musician’s talent without ever seeing how cute she or he is? Whether they’re gay (Aiden James, Eric Himan) or straight (Jon McLaughlin), we wonder if they shouldn’t also market cuddle toys in their likeness. But really, even if these musicians weren’t so adorable, we’d still be their gleeful shills; really.

On the Tab
Feb. 13-20, 2014

Happy Valentine’s/Flag/Presidents’ Day Full Moon weekend! If you have a day off, celebrate however you like; at dance nights, concerts and comedy shows.

Recipe for Romance

Valentine’s Day is the most fraught of dining holidays, a day when romance is not merely encouraged but mandatory. Here’s a handful of restaurants open late on Valentine’s Day that go beyond the predictable prix-fixe.

Chocolate Done Classy

There’s a reason chocolate is a traditional romantic gift. When you eat it, your body releases oxytocin (no, not oxycontin), the same hormone that’s released when you form the bond of friendship, hug someone – or have sex. Beyond enhancing intimacy, in men specifically it’s been found to encourage monogamy, so if you’re aiming to land that man, bust out the bonbons.

On the Tab, Feb. 6-13, 2014

Love is in the air. Several quite rocking bands of various genres may woo the hardcore Cupid in you.

On the Tab
Jan. 16-23, 2014

Who do you have to sleep with to get a drink around here? Enjoy retro-groovy dance benefits, drag concerts and funny cat video club nights!


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