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Fond Farewells

It was a bittersweet farewell to Tinker’s Damn, the South Bay’s oldest gay bar, throughout the weekend of March 28 to 30. Upward of an estimated 400 guests came out to have one last drink and say goodbye to Tinker’s Damn, perhaps the oldest gay bar in Santa Clara.

Soireés & Swordplay

From the classy panoramic sights at Metreon’s City View to the cavernous castled Armory, two of last Saturday’s biggest events could not have been more different.

On the Town: Best Bets

The Drag Queens of Comedy invaded the Castro Theatre on March 29 and laughter has been reverberating throughout the Castro neighborhood ever since. Donna Sachet also attended many other notable nights out, and offers a heads-up on upcoming events.

Got Bruce?

April Fool’s Day gets an extension this year when funny man extraordinaire Bruce Vilanch comes to town for an extended stay. Show biz’s gayest comic will be seen live on stage in two projects near and dear to his heart. Both are guaranteed to tickle audiences’ funny bones.

Berlin’s Stories

Hot, sexy, dark-haired and delicious, Mr. Berlin brings the heat! With pale skin and a gnarly attitude in his erotic escapades, we present Hans Berlin, who will be slinging the dick at The Nob Hill Theater April 11 and 12.

Karrnal: Redheadlines

Ginger boys are riding high. And the crown prince of sexy redheads is Seth Fornea. It started happening to Seth some eighteen months ago, and his flaming looks immediately ignited attention. Now Colt Studios has him getting naked, but not yet going “all the way.”

Shooting Stars

It’s not often that we showcase ourselves and our hard-working colleagues, but the Bay Area Reporter’s fourth annual Besties celebration, held at Besties-winning The Café, saw staff, columnists, photographers and designers schmoozing with local elected officials (and some hopeful candidates), along with local winning bartenders and restauranteurs.

Besties: DJ Brian Maier

Our Bestie DJ, and cover guy, if you hadn’t noticed, is the adorable Brian Maier, who chatted after his photo shoot at the 440. His boyfriend Kyle Krebs hung out nearby, friends greeted him, and despite the fact that he doesn’t drink beer, he affably posed with a glassful.

Besties: Bars

There is nothing quite as much fun as exploring other people’s favorite bars. Here’s a roundup of your best picks, the Besties Bars.

Besties: Bartenders

Being a popular bartender takes a combination of skills; efficiency, a friendly attitude and a lot of hard work. Fortunately, readers voted in a rare three-way tie in our Besties this year. This trio of affable bartenders shared a little about their lives behind the bar, and away from it.

Besties: Eat the Best

It’s that time again: We asked, you told, and the results are in. Here are your favorite foodie spots (plus a few that maybe didn’t make your radar.)

Gary Numan: Electric Pop

Gary Numan is a visionary musician who has done something few have managed to do: to move from one style to another in his career while growing his fan base. He’ll perform at The Fillmore on April 6.

Lynda Carter, center stage

When my editor asked if I’d like to interview Lynda Carter for her upcoming show at Yoshi’s, I hesitated for a minute and thought, ‘Wait; Wonder Woman sings?’ The answer: yes, she does.

Leather: Woof! Arf! Bark!

The world of pup play is a growing segment of the leather and kink sexual subculture. Pup (or puppy) play is a predominantly gay male phenomenon, but in recent years a small number of people with other genders and orientations have begun to join the ranks.


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