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Cheap Eats

San Francisco is one of the great capitals of cheap eats, despite our famously high cost of living. While it’s not hard to drop a few Benjamins on a meal in this town, if you’re canny you can easily make George your dining partner for the night. The major questions are where and when.

Shirts and Skin

In what has become an ongoing tradition at The Powerhouse for years, men of all shapes and sizes have been taking their shirts off in the fun and sexy Bare Chest 2015 Calendar competitions. With eighteen finalists chosen from the many smaller competitions, the final event will be held Sunday April 27, 5:30pm at DNA Lounge.

Jazz Hands

Baghdad by the Bay just got a little naughtier. On Friday, April 25 at 7pm, the fabulous Divas will be at Beatbox to present ‘Jazz Hot Casino Cabaret,’ a fundraiser for the iconic and beloved San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus.

BARchive: Barbary Coasting

After meeting for almost a year the Barbary Coasters were officially incorporated as a “Mutual Benefit” nonprofit with the California Secretary of State on November 25, 1966. As part of the post WWII California gay motorcycle club movement, they cultivated the rebel biker image popularized by Marlon Brando’s 1953 film ‘The Wild One.’ They also held some very wacky talent shows.

On the Town:
Galas and Giggles

As promised here two weeks ago, Equality California’s Gala on April 12 packed the grand Palace Hotel with political movers and shakers, reminding us of the ongoing fight for full and equal civil rights for the LGBT Community.

On the Tab,
April 24-May 1, 2014

Pop goes the calendar, as a local favorite countess goes Beatles, an 80s gay pop icon returns, a boy band hunk grows up and goes solo, and younger musicians groove with retro reverence.

Rafael Alencar

Having been described as The Energizer Bunny of Gay Porn, Rafael Alencar is one of the most sought-after men in the world of erotica. Mocha-skinned and raven-haired, with a massive set of equipment, and a Nob Hill Theater favorite, he shares the lowdown on what it’s like to be a gay porn icon.

Karrnal: Your Cheatin’ Heart

But I don’t need a guide to possible back seat sex positions. Especially constrained ones. I need to watch some good sex. And good sex, the movie seems to say between the lines, isn’t possible when it’s extra-marital. Okay, guys—what’ll it be?

Shooting Stars

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s annual Easter in the Park moved to Golden Gate Park, due to construction at Dolores Park. But despite the change, festivities took place with the usual merriment and frivolity.

Cast Party: The Cockettes

Given the hallucinogen-hazed history of drag ensemble The Cockettes, and the second hit revival of Thrillpeddlers’ ‘Pearls Over Shanghai,’ which includes many scenes in an opium den, one might ask, ‘Does the cast party?’

Peter Cincotti Does It His Way

Peter Cincotti creates music in the real time of his life. His songs fuse jazz, blues, pop, and sometimes a little rock and dance. He’ll perform at Feinstein’s at the Nikko April 24 and 25.

Never Being Boring:
Pet Shop Boys on Tour

“What a nice way to spend at Tuesday night,” said Neil Tennant in his first comment between songs at the Pet Shop Boys concert on April 8. He was addressing the crowd in an informal friendly way from the stage of the Fox Theater in Oakland for the beginning of this phase of their new tour.

Leather: Change Is The Norm

As I communicate with fellow leatherfolk, whether they be local or from elsewhere, I consistently hear comments about how the leather scene has changed.

Doin’ Time at The Brig

Only a few months after it opened, The Brig, South of Market’s newest sex club, may have to move, as gentrification swiftly turns the once-cruisy bar district into open season for even more pricey residential housing.


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