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BARtab is moving! Enjoy web pages on our site, and full page-view versions on

Spencer Day’s new dawn

Spencer Day’s thoughts reflect a rare performer who almost never thinks about his own ego, and almost constantly about how to use his artistry and access to make the world a better place.

Cultural Cravings

Spring’s fertile array of arts offerings includes some festive fundraisers, which leads to patrons getting wined and dined in both traditional and new ways.

Singing for Life

On Monday May 12, performer and fundraiser Sean Ray and his many talented singing friends will perform in ‘Perfect Day: The 11th Annual Cabaret to Fight AIDS,’ which Ray is also producing.

On the Town: Jungle Red!

Saturday’s second annual Red Dress Ball at Lookout benefited AIDS Life Cycle with all kinds of interpretations of the theme, from head-to-toe drag to athletic unshaven men in tight elastic red cocktail dresses.

On the Tab, May 8-15, 2014

Comic tales, shaken gogo tails, siren-like singers and circus silliness await you this week.

Drawn Out

Fans of gay comics and graphic novels got a triple dose of talent at receptions held at Magnet and Truck last weekend. Justin Hall (Glamazonia), Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf) and Jon Macy (Fearful Hunter) premiered original framed artwork.

Karrnal: Tight Spots

Our porn columnist responds to the “vituperation and hysterical condemnation expressed—most all of it from porn biz insiders” over his perceived insult to a director, and surveys sex scenes in cramped spaces.

Shooting Stars:
SF Intl. FilmFest

The stars came out for the annual San Francisco International Film Festival, whose opening events and screenings were held at the Castro Theatre.

Keeping Trax

Enjoy another historic excerpt about gay bar culture, including Trax and Al Parker, from San Francisco author Mark Abramson’s new memoir ‘For My Brothers.’

Kink, Quiche, Community

It’s the kind of café your mother would love – especially if she is sex-positive and a little kinky. Wicked Grounds is nearly a unique institution. As well as being a warm and comfortable space, Wicked Grounds is a testament to the kind of community which exists in San Francisco.

Trevor Sigler

Trevor Sigler’s made a name for himself as a new local DJ. His first album is out, full of techno house grooves and atmospheric audio.

On the Tab, May 1-8, 2014

Red dress drag, hunky man drag, leather drag; honeys, you’re born naked and the rest is all drag. So drag your butt out for some fun, no matter what you’re (not) wearing.

I am Curious, Leather

There’s often an assumption that the readers of this column are generally established leather men and women or otherwise experienced kinksters who have come to accept that part of their sexuality or identity relates to various forms of kink. That’s likely not true.


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