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Fond Farewells

It was a bittersweet farewell to Tinker’s Damn, the South Bay’s oldest gay bar, throughout the weekend of March 28 to 30. Upward of an estimated 400 guests came out to have one last drink and say goodbye to Tinker’s Damn, perhaps the oldest gay bar in Santa Clara.

Soireés & Swordplay

From the classy panoramic sights at Metreon’s City View to the cavernous castled Armory, two of last Saturday’s biggest events could not have been more different.

On the Town: Best Bets

The Drag Queens of Comedy invaded the Castro Theatre on March 29 and laughter has been reverberating throughout the Castro neighborhood ever since. Donna Sachet also attended many other notable nights out, and offers a heads-up on upcoming events.

Besties: DJ Brian Maier

Our Bestie DJ, and cover guy, if you hadn’t noticed, is the adorable Brian Maier, who chatted after his photo shoot at the 440. His boyfriend Kyle Krebs hung out nearby, friends greeted him, and despite the fact that he doesn’t drink beer, he affably posed with a glassful.

Besties: Eat the Best

It’s that time again: We asked, you told, and the results are in. Here are your favorite foodie spots (plus a few that maybe didn’t make your radar.)

Holy Rollin’

With a history going back decades, roller skating and its various gay nights continue to offer up fun on wheels, both in Redwood City and at a church on Fillmore Street. Both locations bring lighthearted nightlife with an innocent sense of fun.

Karr: Un-bare-able Love

I’m heartbroken that more and more porn companies are producing bareback movies. I’ve said I wouldn’t review them, and that’s now limiting my purview. And what about the obviously discarded promise once made by some makers of safer sex movies that they wouldn’t hire performers who’d barebacked in films. That could limit the employment of a lot of guys. Or will it?

Shooting Stars

The Mix bar was hopping last weekend, and as usual lives up to its name. Guys and gals, twinks, daddies, hunks and hipsters blend in an affable social mix as they enjoy pitches and pop music, pool or the patio.

Get Your Dinah On!

Thousands of queer women and their friends will head to Palm Springs for the infamous and largest lesbian party on the planet: The Dinah. Lesbians and their friends will converge upon the desert resort town April 2 – 6.

Spring Flings

Be it dance, gardening, science or shopping, a fabulous bouquet of decorative and artistic receptions and parties await you in your new Spring party garb. Catch the fun while it’s blossoming.

Paddy Parties

Whether you’re celebrating Irish heritage or the moving from darkness into light and the green that spring will bring, there are a number of places to celebrate Celtic Pride in the Bay Area this year.

Here’s to the
Ladies who Laugh

With a wise and worldy perspective, several local women comics are standing up to sexism, homophobia and other cultural malaises by helping us to laugh at such ignorance. Insightful truths are often the funniest, and these women –lesbian, queer and straight– have performances through the month.

The Amazing Race

Race Cooper, the star of numerous gay porn videos for five years (Militia, Hot Wired, In Deep, Stud Finder, to name a few) now shares fitness tips as a trainer.

Night’s End:
Esta Noche to Close

It was like having a Google Bus driven through my heart when I read the news that gay Mission bar Esta Noche was closing after 34 years. I had not been there for a while and decided to return to check out the reaction of the community.


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