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On the Town: Jungle Red!

Saturday’s second annual Red Dress Ball at Lookout benefited AIDS Life Cycle with all kinds of interpretations of the theme, from head-to-toe drag to athletic unshaven men in tight elastic red cocktail dresses.

Drawn Out

Fans of gay comics and graphic novels got a triple dose of talent at receptions held at Magnet and Truck last weekend. Justin Hall (Glamazonia), Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf) and Jon Macy (Fearful Hunter) premiered original framed artwork.

Karrnal: Tight Spots

Our porn columnist responds to the “vituperation and hysterical condemnation expressed—most all of it from porn biz insiders” over his perceived insult to a director, and surveys sex scenes in cramped spaces.

Keeping Trax

Enjoy another historic excerpt about gay bar culture, including Trax and Al Parker, from San Francisco author Mark Abramson’s new memoir ‘For My Brothers.’

On the Tab, May 1-8, 2014

Red dress drag, hunky man drag, leather drag; honeys, you’re born naked and the rest is all drag. So drag your butt out for some fun, no matter what you’re (not) wearing.

Shooting Stars

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s annual Easter in the Park moved to Golden Gate Park, due to construction at Dolores Park. But despite the change, festivities took place with the usual merriment and frivolity.

Cast Party: The Cockettes

Given the hallucinogen-hazed history of drag ensemble The Cockettes, and the second hit revival of Thrillpeddlers’ ‘Pearls Over Shanghai,’ which includes many scenes in an opium den, one might ask, ‘Does the cast party?’

On the Tab, April 17-24, 2014

Oh, look; saucy drag queens, sexy gogos, talented gay singers, funny lesbian comics, and yet another beer bust day at The Eagle; simple pleasures.

Shooting Stars

A laugh riot took place at The Big Gay Comedy Show, held at the Marines’ Memorial Theatre on Sunday, April 13. Host Bruce Vilanch headlined the stellar comedy show, which featured Marga Gomez, Ali Mafi and other talents.

Fond Farewells

It was a bittersweet farewell to Tinker’s Damn, the South Bay’s oldest gay bar, throughout the weekend of March 28 to 30. Upward of an estimated 400 guests came out to have one last drink and say goodbye to Tinker’s Damn, perhaps the oldest gay bar in Santa Clara.

Soireés & Swordplay

From the classy panoramic sights at Metreon’s City View to the cavernous castled Armory, two of last Saturday’s biggest events could not have been more different.

On the Town: Best Bets

The Drag Queens of Comedy invaded the Castro Theatre on March 29 and laughter has been reverberating throughout the Castro neighborhood ever since. Donna Sachet also attended many other notable nights out, and offers a heads-up on upcoming events.

Besties: DJ Brian Maier

Our Bestie DJ, and cover guy, if you hadn’t noticed, is the adorable Brian Maier, who chatted after his photo shoot at the 440. His boyfriend Kyle Krebs hung out nearby, friends greeted him, and despite the fact that he doesn’t drink beer, he affably posed with a glassful.

Besties: Eat the Best

It’s that time again: We asked, you told, and the results are in. Here are your favorite foodie spots (plus a few that maybe didn’t make your radar.)


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