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Shirts and Skin

In what has become an ongoing tradition at The Powerhouse for years, men of all shapes and sizes have been taking their shirts off in the fun and sexy Bare Chest 2015 Calendar competitions. With eighteen finalists chosen from the many smaller competitions, the final event will be held Sunday April 27, 5:30pm at DNA Lounge.

On the Tab
Feb. 20-27, 2014

Is it possible to enjoy a musician’s talent without ever seeing how cute she or he is? Whether they’re gay (Aiden James, Eric Himan) or straight (Jon McLaughlin), we wonder if they shouldn’t also market cuddle toys in their likeness. But really, even if these musicians weren’t so adorable, we’d still be their gleeful shills; really.

Midnight Makeover

The Midnight Sun, the popular intimate Castro bar known for decades as the default TV and video-viewing gay bar, has its new face on…almost.

Folsom’s Dirty Thirty

The Folsom Street Fair celebrates three decades this year. It’s hard to believe that it’s been thirty years since it started as a modest street fair. Here’s a round-up of related leather, kink and other events.

Bolly, by Golly!

From its robin’s egg retro blue décor to its circular dance floor and five-projector visuals, the new venue Club OMG! combines intimacy with a club-like ambiance.

Halloween Hoedown

October is one of the holiest months on the LGBT calendar, and Halloween is one of our most sacred days. In a city that’s as wild, crazy and fun as San Francisco, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the season, with everything from classic film screenings to parties galore.

On the Tab: April 2012

On the Tab, April 2012. comedy, club fun, drag shows, gogos and more.

Night Bites

While stopping to provide your body with more substantial fare might sound less fun than nourishing it with repeated rounds of beers and shots, some establishments offer the best of both worlds, all in one place.

On the Tab: March 2012

March is a marathon month of celebrity appearances, dance nights and a few extra funky club events.

Cocktails, Anyone?

For cocktail geeks and other alcohol enthusiasts, there are plenty of careful, handcrafted drinks to be had at Castro area bars.

Dive In

What makes a dive bar divey? Is it the decor, the clientele, the prices, the paucity of decorative soaps in the gentlemen’s room? Or maybe it’s just a way of life. On a recent survey of bars reputed to be “dives,” we found that their one common trait is an inclusive atmosphere that invites all comers and asks nothing in return.

Events Jan. 1-6, 2011

Dance parties, beer busts, cabaret shows and more. Jan. 1-6. 2011

New Year’s Eve Events

New Year’s parties can be hilarious fun or a horrid nightmare. While pretty much every bar -gay, straight or undecided- will have some sort of New Year’s celebrations, we’ve chosen the gayest, most festive, and a few straight parties with a cool queer edge.

Toys R Us

A visit to Marlena’s Bar to see the hundreds of toy Santas should inspire you to give gifts to deserving ones, including under-privileged kiddies. Sandy “Mama” Reinhart and her Family of volunteers have been collecting new unwrapped toys for kids for years.


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