Karrnal: Tight Spots

Our porn columnist responds to the “vituperation and hysterical condemnation expressed—most all of it from porn biz insiders” over his perceived insult to a director, and surveys sex scenes in cramped spaces.

Kink, Quiche, Community

It’s the kind of café your mother would love – especially if she is sex-positive and a little kinky. Wicked Grounds is nearly a unique institution. As well as being a warm and comfortable space, Wicked Grounds is a testament to the kind of community which exists in San Francisco.

On the Tab, May 1-8, 2014

Red dress drag, hunky man drag, leather drag; honeys, you’re born naked and the rest is all drag. So drag your butt out for some fun, no matter what you’re (not) wearing.

I am Curious, Leather

There’s often an assumption that the readers of this column are generally established leather men and women or otherwise experienced kinksters who have come to accept that part of their sexuality or identity relates to various forms of kink. That’s likely not true.

Karrnal: The Edge of Nut

Falcon’s got a new director in its fold, and has created a new line of movies expressly for him. The Falcon Edge series will be directed by “star erotica director” Nick Foxx.

Shirts and Skin

In what has become an ongoing tradition at The Powerhouse for years, men of all shapes and sizes have been taking their shirts off in the fun and sexy Bare Chest 2015 Calendar competitions. With eighteen finalists chosen from the many smaller competitions, the final event will be held Sunday April 27, 5:30pm at DNA Lounge.

Rafael Alencar

Having been described as The Energizer Bunny of Gay Porn, Rafael Alencar is one of the most sought-after men in the world of erotica. Mocha-skinned and raven-haired, with a massive set of equipment, and a Nob Hill Theater favorite, he shares the lowdown on what it’s like to be a gay porn icon.

Karrnal: Your Cheatin’ Heart

But I don’t need a guide to possible back seat sex positions. Especially constrained ones. I need to watch some good sex. And good sex, the movie seems to say between the lines, isn’t possible when it’s extra-marital. Okay, guys—what’ll it be?


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