Peter Cincotti Does It His Way

Peter Cincotti creates music in the real time of his life. His songs fuse jazz, blues, pop, and sometimes a little rock and dance. He’ll perform at Feinstein’s at the Nikko April 24 and 25.

Fond Farewells

It was a bittersweet farewell to Tinker’s Damn, the South Bay’s oldest gay bar, throughout the weekend of March 28 to 30. Upward of an estimated 400 guests came out to have one last drink and say goodbye to Tinker’s Damn, perhaps the oldest gay bar in Santa Clara.

Besties: DJ Brian Maier

Our Bestie DJ, and cover guy, if you hadn’t noticed, is the adorable Brian Maier, who chatted after his photo shoot at the 440. His boyfriend Kyle Krebs hung out nearby, friends greeted him, and despite the fact that he doesn’t drink beer, he affably posed with a glassful.

Besties: Bars

There is nothing quite as much fun as exploring other people’s favorite bars. Here’s a roundup of your best picks, the Besties Bars.

Besties: Bartenders

Being a popular bartender takes a combination of skills; efficiency, a friendly attitude and a lot of hard work. Fortunately, readers voted in a rare three-way tie in our Besties this year. This trio of affable bartenders shared a little about their lives behind the bar, and away from it.

Gary Numan: Electric Pop

Gary Numan is a visionary musician who has done something few have managed to do: to move from one style to another in his career while growing his fan base. He’ll perform at The Fillmore on April 6.

On the Tab, March 20-27, 2014

From classic jazz to sweet vocal sounds help celebrate Spring. Didn’t get tickets to the Prince concert? How about a fun cover band? Heart the retro tunes? Whoa Nellies and Berlin should help you recall the spring of youth, as will the sprouting contents of a few booty-shaking gogos’ shorts.

Cold Soul:
Hard French’s Winter Ball

If you just can’t wait to shake your tail feathers at Hard French, their annual Winter Ball, Feb 22, dolls up in formal finery, and drops fans at Santa Cruz’s historic Coconut Grove.


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