Music – Gaily dancing

Glam-drogynous Jeffree Star lives up to the title of his
sophomore release Beauty Killer (Popsicle) right from the start with the wham-bam slam of “Get Away with Murder.”
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Music – Dance feverish

More Kylie than Ke$ha, Little Boots (a.k.a. Victoria Hesketh) joins the dance-dance revolution led by Lady Gaga with her album Hands. Beginning with the funky strut of “New in Town,” Little Boots promises to take us out tonight and show us “a real good time,” and she delivers.
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Music – Getting down

After a decade of performing and songwriting, saxophonist Mindi Abair has stepped back into the so-called golden age of R&B, soul, and funk. The music, universally upbeat and screaming “shake your boogie til you drop,” is simple of purpose and even simpler of harmony, but it’s so much fun that it’s hard to resist getting up off the couch and dancing up a storm.
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DVD – Voice of greatness

Whether you think of her as “Sassy,” which she
certainly was, or “The Divine One,” which was true in virtually
everything she sang, the fabulous Sarah Vaughan (1924-90) ranks as one of the finest jazz artists America has ever produced. (read more)

Never Being Boring:
Pet Shop Boys on Tour

“What a nice way to spend at Tuesday night,” said Neil Tennant in his first comment between songs at the Pet Shop Boys concert on April 8. He was addressing the crowd in an informal friendly way from the stage of the Fox Theater in Oakland for the beginning of this phase of their new tour.

Vonda Shepard

On Friday March 21 and Saturday March 22, Feinstein’s at the Hotel Nikko hosts a performer who can accurately be described as one of television’s most successful and recognizable singer/songwriters, Vonda Shepard.

Honey, Honey

It seems as though Honey Mahogany is everywhere these days. The season 5 ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ contestant has released an album, and recently played herself on the fourth episode of HBO’s gay series ‘Looking.’ She’ll soon be appearing at the hot Market Street nightspot Martuni’s.

Winter Wonderland

Electro duo Erasure have a new CD out just in time for the holidays. ‘Snow Globe’ includes both traditional songs and some original music, and Andy Bell discussed the new music in an interview.

Bounce Back: Big Freedia

Forget Miley’s tired twerk. The authentic and decades-long history of the booty-shaking dance move, also known as Bounce, is fully supported through the driving crazy-making grooves of New Orleans sensation Big Freedia.

Harmonic Hunks:
Xavier Toscano & Jeb Havens

Jeb Havens and Xavier Toscano, two gay local singer-composers, both known for performing everywhere from bars and benefits, will be among the talents at this year’s Pride main stage show, Sunday June 30.

Tubesteak Connection’s 9th!
Two Dudes in Love! Double Dutchess!

All the horrible tragic news of the past few days might make some of us want to hole up at home and binge on bacon ice cream and RuPaul’s Drag Race episodes. But never fear, otherwise the whackjob terrorists will win! Celebrate life! Go out dancing!

Music: Heavy Liquid

Kent James, who long ago abandoned the punk mohawk, as well as a previous Country-Western persona, seems comfortable in simple garage mechanic duds as the front man for a thudding, loud and deliciously authentic rock and roll band that plays music without politics.


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