Best Bites in the Castro

There are more than a few respectable restaurants peppered throughout the Castro neighborhood. Moreover, the diversity is unprecedented. Here are a few favorite specific bites in the ‘Stro.

Shooting Stars

Celebrants of the new year enjoyed parties in the Castro district at Beaux, Toad Hall, The Edge and other venues. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014!

Old is New: Twin Peaks

Whenever I see the iconic sign for the Twin Peaks Tavern with San Francisco’s Twin Peaks and fog depicted on it, I am reminded of the ad campaign for Blackglama: ‘What becomes a legend most?’


The Castro district’s newest gay bar opened with a splash in early October, and fans are already filling the former space of Trigger, The Detour and other bars.

Midnight Makeover

The Midnight Sun, the popular intimate Castro bar known for decades as the default TV and video-viewing gay bar, has its new face on…almost.

Pilsner Pride

The Pilsner Inn has been called a Castro gay bar. But from its inception, The Pilsner has been considered by many patrons as an easy-going neighborhood tavern known for its wide selection of beer.

Sports; Drinks III – Hi Tops Gets Game

The new sports-themed Hi Tops bar is catching more than a few Hail Mary passes, as its popularity continues to grow fans.

Hi Tops

New gay and straight-friendly bar in the Castro, with a cheery sports theme, multiple TV screens to watch games, a bright relaxed decor, and a tasty beer-friendly menu of eats.

In Vino Veritas

“In wine is truth,” or so said Plato, or Pliny. Either way, were ancient philosophers alive today, they’d probably be bewildered by the current array of delicious wines available, specifically in San Francisco’s Castro district.

App-e 2CU

These days, there’s a whole new world of flirting and pickups out there. When it comes to using your phone to geo-locate nearby gays, a host of contenders compete for your clickability. Some nightclubs even have special events devoted to cell phone hook-ups, er, “social networking.”

Raising the Bar

Carl and Jeff are just one of the countless heart-warming successes to emerge from Castro bars. Despite a reputation for cheesy pickup lines and one-night stands, gay bars also have a rich history of bringing men together in lifelong bonds.

Cupidity: Valentine’s Events

If candy hearts, chocolates and bouquets of flowers aren’t your style, consider some unusual February events focusing on romance for singles, couples and, well, whatever combination shoots that arrow through your heart.

Cafe Cool

Not in the mood for crowded bars and clubs, but still want to be out late? San Francisco offers a host of cafes that are open into the wee hours of the morning and offer everything from sweet concoctions and confections to art, entertainment and even a little bit of hookah.

BFFs! photos
by Steven Underhill

For some people, love stinks! But friendships last longer. As photographed by the prolific Steven Underhill, pals at Toad Hall, The Lookout and Q Bar enjoy their nights out.


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