Cupid’s Bow-ner

Valentine’s Day and related romantic events this month may be enough for lovey-dovey gays. But what about single horndogs looking for lust in all the right places? Fortunately, a variety of slutty events at Bay Area venues offer a frisky feast of options this month.

App-e 2CU

These days, there’s a whole new world of flirting and pickups out there. When it comes to using your phone to geo-locate nearby gays, a host of contenders compete for your clickability. Some nightclubs even have special events devoted to cell phone hook-ups, er, “social networking.”

Cupidity: Valentine’s Events

If candy hearts, chocolates and bouquets of flowers aren’t your style, consider some unusual February events focusing on romance for singles, couples and, well, whatever combination shoots that arrow through your heart.

Groove Thing

When it comes to discussing music, DJ Bus Station John approaches the subject with the passion and spirit of a Sunday morning preacher. “It’s all about the music. This music needs to be heard. It needs to be witnessed. It needs to be celebrated,” says the bearded keeper of rare disco.

Leather & Kink Events: September

Here are selected September leather and kink events, and nightclub events related to Folsom Street Fair. Enjoy!

Fair Play

Folsom Street Fair, the largest fetish fair in the world, and one of San Francisco’s biggest annual events, will fill South of Market’s streets with thousands of leather-clad people, and many wearing a lot less, on Sunday September 26. How do organizers manage such a big event?

Laid’s Back

If you’re in the mood to make some new friends and have a good time, you’re in luck: despite a citywide crackdown on bathhouses in the early 80s, San Francisco still boasts a healthy stable of saunas, theaters, and dungeons.

Russian In

There are basically three things to do at Russian River: explore the great outdoors, cruise for gays, and party. Enjoy bears and drag queens and camping, oh my.

Top Dogs:
Leather, Dore, Kink!

Get out your slings and hoods. It’s Dore Alley month! Or rather, Up Your Alley, as it’s now called. Coming each year on the last Sunday of July, Up Your Alley is (or was) San Francisco’s answer to the size and perceived commercialization of the Folsom Street Fair.

Dancers from the Dance

by Coy Ellison & Sal Meza
As with every Pride month, the city is full of sexy visitors and friendly locals.
To get a first hand look at the humpy talents the city has to offer, join Ginger Snap for her amateur strip contest at the Deco Lounge every Sunday at 10:30.
If you want to enter [...]

The Watergarden

San Jose’s popular gay and bi men’s bath house includes a waterfall, outdoor heated pool, huge Jacuzzi, video booths, steam room, fireplace, and private rooms available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rates: $8 one-time. $39 annual membership; Rooms and lockers $16-$38. Nightly specials, themes, DJ music events, and discounts. Check the website. [...]

Blow Buddies

Big sex club, so hot we can’t show you pictures. Dress code encourages sleazy play clothes like leather, rubber, uniforms, jockstraps, spandex, Levis, tank tops, underwear or no wear, buddy. For safety reasons, please, no bare feet or footwear that doesn’t attach at the heel (such as flip-flops or sandals). If you’re gonna wear slacks, [...]

Tea Room Theatre

Funky small movie house with porn videos on a large screen; occasional strippers. 145 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 885-9887

Truck: a new treat

New SoMa bar is an easy ride from the Castro
Published 05/10/2007
Bay Area Reporter
by Mike Sher
Want a change from the Castro? Just hop on a 22 or 33 bus, and soon you’ll be at Truck, the former Wilde Oscar’s. It’s located at 1900 Folsom St., corner of 15th St., catty-corner from the massive brick UCSF building.
Paul [...]


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