Best Bites in the Castro

There are more than a few respectable restaurants peppered throughout the Castro neighborhood. Moreover, the diversity is unprecedented. Here are a few favorite specific bites in the ‘Stro.

Recipe for Romance

Valentine’s Day is the most fraught of dining holidays, a day when romance is not merely encouraged but mandatory. Here’s a handful of restaurants open late on Valentine’s Day that go beyond the predictable prix-fixe.

Chocolate Done Classy

There’s a reason chocolate is a traditional romantic gift. When you eat it, your body releases oxytocin (no, not oxycontin), the same hormone that’s released when you form the bond of friendship, hug someone – or have sex. Beyond enhancing intimacy, in men specifically it’s been found to encourage monogamy, so if you’re aiming to land that man, bust out the bonbons.

Comfort Me, Food

San Francisco has always been a brunchy town, with people queuing up for their weekly dose of omelets and mimosas. Here’s a few favorite spots that go above and beyond the obvious eggs and pancakes, and puts their particular stamp on comfort food.

Let’s Talk Turkey

Plenty of restaurants around town are jumping on the Turkey Day bandwagon and serving forth feasts so you don’t have to dirty a single pan. Whether you’ve got family visiting from out of town, or are just on your own for the day, here are a few of our picks.


Sometimes, your parents are right. And in the service industry, “the customer is always right.” Here’s a recap of the preferred nightlife selections from the April 2013 Best of the Gays readers poll, published in the ‘Bay Area Reporter’ (our parent publication).

Eats on Wheels

In addition to our beloved collection of well-known eateries, there are tons of places off the beaten path –or even not really on the path in the first place– to get a good plate of grub, usually accompanied by a cold beer or a cocktail to wash it all down.

Night Bites

While stopping to provide your body with more substantial fare might sound less fun than nourishing it with repeated rounds of beers and shots, some establishments offer the best of both worlds, all in one place.

North Beached

Take a trip to what seems like a foreign land to many gay San Franciscans; North Beach.

Pub Grub

Queers know where to dine. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the “gay mecca” is also a foodie paradise that offers a cornucopia of options to diverse palettes no matter what mood or time of day.

Eating Out

Attention, hungry clubbers, bar-goers, and late-night partiers. You’ve been out dancing and drinking the night away when you suddenly realize how empty your stomach is. Worry not: whether you’re in the depths of the Castro, strolling the Mission, or hitting SOMA, there’s plenty of grub within reach of your venue.

Night Bites

Here in The City That Knows How (to go to Bed Early), it can be a challenge to find a good hearty meal after the clubs close. But never fear! There are plenty of nocturnal eateries for you night owls. You just have to know where to look, starting with the Castro standbys.

Brunch Bunch

Welcome to San Francisco, where brunch is not just a meal– it’s a way of life. For one left feeling a bit scrambled from the night before, there’s no better cure than the hometown hangover remedy of sharing the juiciest gossip with friends over a table stacked with coffee, eggs and, well– more booze.

Top Chef

To his fans, adult film star Brandon Lee has been many things over the years. Now, they can add chef to that list. After a few years of working in some of LA’s finest restaurants, Brandon has relocated to San Francisco to open his own catering business.


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