Leather: Kink About Town

Over the past two weeks I’ve attended a number of events that have highlighted for me just how lucky we are in the Bay Area to have such a diverse set of offerings at which us leather and kink folk can gather. If any local kinkster says to me there’s nothing for them to do, my answer is that they’re not looking very hard.

Rubber Runway

While this column is a leather column, at least historically, the truth is that the term leather encompasses a wide array of kinky sexualities and identities. Among them is rubber. Wearing rubber. Playing in rubber. And, this weekend, showing off new designs in rubber.

Shiny New Leather

Welcome our new Leather columnist, accomplished community activist Race Bannon.

Leather Events Jan. 9-25, 2014

Local events are revving up the new year, and now, check out the expanded West Coast and national events listings, for the traveling leatherfolk.

Leather: Greased Lightning

Electro Play is the fetish of, naturally, playing with electricity in a sensuous, erotic way. There are two main devices that accomplish this: The Violet Wand and the TENS Unit. Electro play is a fetish that is oftentimes misunderstood or simply overlooked.

Our New Mr. Eagle

Judges Marcus Alston, Richard Sprott, Gary Kenyon, Ava Schmidt and Lenny Broberg (what a line up!) had their work cut out for them last Saturday afternoon at the annual Mr. SF Eagle contest.

Leather Events, Dec. 5-21, 2013

Have a spanking good time at these leather and kink events that’ll definitely heat you up amid December’s chill.

Leather: New Celebrities

It was a good time at the San Francisco Eagle on November 9. The first annual Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather was held that afternoon. Tony Delfino, the outgoing Mr. Daddy’s Leather, put on a good and thankfully swift contest.

Halloween Events 2013

Greetings, boils and ghouls. It’s time for the scariest time of the year! Bay Area Halloween events range from sexy nightclub costume contests to kid-friendly daytime parties.

BARchive: The Slot

In 1976, before the Folsom Street Fair became the iconic festival it is today, among the bars, baths, and blue-collar joints South of Market, at 979 Folsom Street, stood the South-of-the-Slot bathhouse.

Eagle, The SF

The fabled leather and community bar is back, after an 18-month hiatus. Enjoy the expanded front room, the accessible new third bathroom, and the classic patio for the popular beer busts. Revamped events include frequent Thursday night music shows, plus Sheagle, the new women’s night, and drag nights starting April 6, 2013.

Drink, Kink

The Armory Club: a space to demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities, a house bar for the people who work at Kink.com, and a place for fans to mingle with the people who work there. Beyond that, it’s simply a nice place to hang out.

Armory Club

The new stylish bar started by the Kink.com company offers a classy venue, offers a selective upscale menu of drinks. Not necessarily gay or straight, but kink-friendly on event nights.

Full Moon Fetish
Party @ Steamworks

Full Moon Fetish Party, Tuesday, December 21 at Berkeley’s cruisy bath house. Wear fetish gear and win sexy prizes Hosted by Kevin Craft, with bondage demonstrations by BARtab December cover elf Jorge Vieto; featuring DJ DAMnation.


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