Cupidity: Valentine’s Events

If candy hearts, chocolates and bouquets of flowers aren’t your style, consider some unusual February events focusing on romance for singles, couples and, well, whatever combination shoots that arrow through your heart.

Judy, Judy, Connie

Connie Champagne continues to uphold the Christmas spirit as she channels legendary songstress Judy Garland in her upcoming performance, “Connie Champagne as Judy Garland” at The Rrazz Room, Dec. 20 & 21.

Fair Play

Folsom Street Fair, the largest fetish fair in the world, and one of San Francisco’s biggest annual events, will fill South of Market’s streets with thousands of leather-clad people, and many wearing a lot less, on Sunday September 26. How do organizers manage such a big event?

Country Girls

Russian River celebrates 30 years
of women partying in the woods
by Heather Cassell
The third weekend in May,  women will descend upon the sleepy resort town of Guerneville ready to sunbath around the pool in their bikinis, cocktails and tanning lotion in hand, as they enjoy wet T-shirt contests, dating games and more for the annual [...]

Thee Parkside

Mixed, lesbian, queer etc. bar and nightclub with almost-nightly indie, punk and queer bands performing. 252-1330.


Unusual and lavishly fun nightclub, all white, with celebrity chef creations served on little tables beside Roman beds; multiple-course dinners, aerial acts, films and more. Varied themes nights, from bondage to furries to art performances to film screenings. $25-$75 (w/o or with dinner). 657 Harrison Street. San Francisco, CA 94107-1312. (415) 348-0900


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