The Music, man

With a career spanning Broadway, television, film and concerts, actor-singer-composer Cheyenne Jackson and I mostly discussed his music, specifically his own, some of which he’ll be performing at Feinstein’s at the Nikko, January 10 and 11.

Cafe Cool

Not in the mood for crowded bars and clubs, but still want to be out late? San Francisco offers a host of cafes that are open into the wee hours of the morning and offer everything from sweet concoctions and confections to art, entertainment and even a little bit of hookah.

Music: Heavy Liquid

Kent James, who long ago abandoned the punk mohawk, as well as a previous Country-Western persona, seems comfortable in simple garage mechanic duds as the front man for a thudding, loud and deliciously authentic rock and roll band that plays music without politics.

Music: Shawna Virago

There’s no mistaking that many of the themes in local transgender singer Shawna Virago’s CD Objectified are autobiographical. The lead lyric in three of the CD’s songs, “Objectified,” “Transsexual Dominatrix” and “Butterfly” is the word “I.”

Judy, Judy, Connie

Connie Champagne continues to uphold the Christmas spirit as she channels legendary songstress Judy Garland in her upcoming performance, “Connie Champagne as Judy Garland” at The Rrazz Room, Dec. 20 & 21.

Far Out

Gay vacations don’t always require plane fare or a long journey. They can be a mere bus, bike or car ride away, as recent events show. It just takes a little bit of initiative to party off the familiar path.

Video: Pepperspray
@ Supperclub

Drag band extraordinaire Pepperspray perform one of two reunion concerts at Supperclub (and the previous night at the Eagle Tavern) in San Francisco. Here’s just a taste.

Country Girls

Russian River celebrates 30 years
of women partying in the woods
by Heather Cassell
The third weekend in May,  women will descend upon the sleepy resort town of Guerneville ready to sunbath around the pool in their bikinis, cocktails and tanning lotion in hand, as they enjoy wet T-shirt contests, dating games and more for the annual [...]

Rickshaw Stop

Mixed nightclub with frequent indie band shows, gay-friendly events like the SF Bicycle Coalition’s “Love on Wheels.” 155 Fell St. 861-2011.

Thee Parkside

Mixed, lesbian, queer etc. bar and nightclub with almost-nightly indie, punk and queer bands performing. 252-1330.

Swinging more than both ways

Queer Jitterbugs help you swing, salsa & more
by Mike Sher

Would you like to swing on a star? You can do that and lots more with Queer Jitterbugs. Lessons and dancing are only part of the story.
Every Monday, you can meet Burnie Gipson, founder and leader of Queer Jitterbugs, for swing and salsa lessons and dancing. [...]


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