Bear it All

Returning for its third year, SF Bear Weekend promises a chance for fun and frolic with all sorts of bears, cubs, and other creatures. Planned for the weekend are a series of bar nights, beer busts, dance parties, and other events designed to carry on San Francisco’s bear traditions.


The Castro district’s newest gay bar opened with a splash in early October, and fans are already filling the former space of Trigger, The Detour and other bars.

Pilsner Pride

The Pilsner Inn has been called a Castro gay bar. But from its inception, The Pilsner has been considered by many patrons as an easy-going neighborhood tavern known for its wide selection of beer.

Hi Tops

New gay and straight-friendly bar in the Castro, with a cheery sports theme, multiple TV screens to watch games, a bright relaxed decor, and a tasty beer-friendly menu of eats.

Cupid’s Bow-ner

Valentine’s Day and related romantic events this month may be enough for lovey-dovey gays. But what about single horndogs looking for lust in all the right places? Fortunately, a variety of slutty events at Bay Area venues offer a frisky feast of options this month.

App-e 2CU

These days, there’s a whole new world of flirting and pickups out there. When it comes to using your phone to geo-locate nearby gays, a host of contenders compete for your clickability. Some nightclubs even have special events devoted to cell phone hook-ups, er, “social networking.”

Raising the Bar

Carl and Jeff are just one of the countless heart-warming successes to emerge from Castro bars. Despite a reputation for cheesy pickup lines and one-night stands, gay bars also have a rich history of bringing men together in lifelong bonds.

Cupidity: Valentine’s Events

If candy hearts, chocolates and bouquets of flowers aren’t your style, consider some unusual February events focusing on romance for singles, couples and, well, whatever combination shoots that arrow through your heart.

BARtab Issue #5 Party -
Locker Room @ Chaps II

Photographer Steven Underhill, who shot our gorgeous cover image for BARtab #5, stopped by Chaps II for Locker Room, Sept. 2, which was also the BARtab “Leather & Sex” issue #5 premiere party for BARtab. Gift cards from Good Vibrations and five pairs of tickets to the Scissor Sisters concert (Sept 12 at Oakland’s Fox Theatre) were randomly handed in a fun raffle.

Laid’s Back

If you’re in the mood to make some new friends and have a good time, you’re in luck: despite a citywide crackdown on bathhouses in the early 80s, San Francisco still boasts a healthy stable of saunas, theaters, and dungeons.

Bi the Way

San Francisco offers bisexuals heading out for a night on the town many entertaining options, with a slight exception, an emerging nightlife scene by and for bisexual and non-monogamous individuals.

Feel the Vibrations

For the sexually creative set, “most sex toys to some degree can be thought of as co-gender,” said Good Vibrations’ resident sexpert Dr. Carol Queen recently about sex toys. And it turns out any couple of any gender or orientation can really use a few.

Spank U.

Most everyone likes a little swat on the ass now and then, to varying degrees. But here in San Francisco, we have the San Francisco Men’s Spanking Party. Spearheaded by Spank Master Bill, the monthly men’s-only parties are an outlet for men to get together who enjoy spanking or being spanked.

DJ List: Bud Chism

For the past ten years, DJ Bud Chism has powered Saturday nights at The Powerhouse. Chism has built a weekly following of men who expect a fresh and unpredictable experience. For cutting-edge house music to match the libidos of its patrons, stop by on a weekend night to revel in aural debauchery.


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