Halloween on Polk Street 1975

It was Friday, October 31, 1975. My first Halloween in San Francisco. I’d just dropped a bundle on black leather chaps from Hard On Leathers on Polk and a Muir motorcycle cap from A Taste of Leather on Folsom.

40’s a Cinch

The Cinch is currently the only gay bar on Polk Street, or one of the few, if you count the gay-friendly spaces. This is from a high which numbered between 20 and 30 venues in the neighborhood during Harvey Milk’s era.

BARchive: Freedom

It was Gay Freedom Day; Sunday, June 27, 1976. Things were very different then; very different.

Mark Up

Upon entering Mark’s Bar you are transported: the blue of the walls and the glass panels with iris behind the bar make you feel as if perhaps you have entered some cousin of Li Po on Polk Street.

Feel the Vibrations

For the sexually creative set, “most sex toys to some degree can be thought of as co-gender,” said Good Vibrations’ resident sexpert Dr. Carol Queen recently about sex toys. And it turns out any couple of any gender or orientation can really use a few.

Depart Deco

Deco Lounge, a gay bar just blocks from San Francisco City Hall, is looking to relocate after fire department officials notified its owners they could only safely allow 49 customers inside.

May Blossoms

by Coy & Sal
Sometimes, to find something beautiful, different and downright titillating, you have to step away from your comfort spot. We’ve talked to everyone we know and have come up with picks for May that will remind you why the Tenderloin is called the “theatre district” and that gay life is alive and well [...]


Retro-style mixed bar with live bands nearly every night, and monthly drag shows upstairs. 1351 Polk St. at Pine. 885-4535.


Classic old-school hangout, with colorful Tenderloin denizens and cheap drinks. 841 Larkin St at Geary. 776-6828.


Intimate nightclub with a cute stage for karaoke, pole-dancing drag shows, topless transgender strippers, and DJed dancing. 1081 Post St. 474-3482.

Cinch, The

Old-school bar with a charmingly retro Western theme; outdoor patio, cheap drinks and local fun. 1723 Polk St. at Clay. 776-4162.

What’s New, Pussycat? – Encore Karaoke Lounge

Karaoke on the Cable Car Line
by Mark des Jardins and Mike Sher

Tom Jones would love the place. You can sing your heart out to a friendly crowd who can dance around you as you belt out your song. The Encore Karaoke Lounge is a gay-owned business opened in May by Mark Aloiau with his [...]


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