Animal Planet

At the historic Stud bar, each month, hundreds of furries and allies gather for Frolic’s dancing, drinks and to strut custom costumes ranging from foxes, lions, and even a prehistoric bird that flapped his wings outside the bar.


The new “stray” bar at the former site of Kok, Chaps II, My Place and other historic gay bars offers an easygoing atmosphere and unique $9 cocktails.

Eats on Wheels

In addition to our beloved collection of well-known eateries, there are tons of places off the beaten path –or even not really on the path in the first place– to get a good plate of grub, usually accompanied by a cold beer or a cocktail to wash it all down.

Off-Track Bets

From dive bars to drag fun, bowling and food trucks and Truck, trendy fun can be had off the beaten path.

Athletic Supporters

The jovial nature of The Fog rugby players during our visit to The Lone Star Saloon represents one of the strong connections between a bar sponsor and a sports team.

Leather’s Burning Man

At the first Folsom Street Fair in 1984, leather culture changed. Leatherfolk fell out of dark bars and down Alice’s rabbit hole toward transparent afternoon light. We saw ourselves not mythic under the red bulbs of bars, but, like mad dogs and Englishmen, out in the noonday sun.

App-e 2CU

These days, there’s a whole new world of flirting and pickups out there. When it comes to using your phone to geo-locate nearby gays, a host of contenders compete for your clickability. Some nightclubs even have special events devoted to cell phone hook-ups, er, “social networking.”

Cupidity: Valentine’s Events

If candy hearts, chocolates and bouquets of flowers aren’t your style, consider some unusual February events focusing on romance for singles, couples and, well, whatever combination shoots that arrow through your heart.

Big Top @ Club Eight: photos

The festive monthly club night went hip hop with a Nicki Minaj tribute night. Drag shows and fun included Trannyshack guru Heklina as Hicki Minaj (and DJing upstairs), host Joshua J, numbers by Mercedez Munro, Charisma Glitterati, Mahlae, Manicure Versace, Robert Jeffrey, Kallisto, and on the main floor, DJ Josh Sparber from New York.

Big Top @ Club Eight

The festive monthly club night goes hip hop with a Nicki Minaj tribute night. Drag shows and fun with Heklina as Hicki Minaj, Joshua J, Mercedez Munro, Charisma Glitterati and more. Sat., Jan. 29.

Honey Sundays @ Holy Cow

The honeys celebrate the 50th birthday of retro-disco DJ Bus Station John, with a special early 12-inch T-dance early-to-late evening of classic boogie-ooogie-oogies. 7pm-2am, Sunday, Jan. 23.

Ghetto Disco @ The Endup

DJ Hawthorne’s weekly all-night dance party goes through the night. It’s the perfect “after your disco nap” or after-partying after-party. Enjoy the spacious patio and rotating roster of celebrity and local guest DJs like Jamie J Sanchez, Joseph Lee, Kio Kio and more.

Trannyshack Star
Search @ DNA Lounge

It’s Tranny-tastic; the 12th annual Trannyshack Star Search Competition, Friday January 21, at DNA Lounge. Heklina and Peaches Christ join forces to crown the next big drag superstar of San Francisco.

Mr. Big Top @ Club Eight

The first ever Mr. Big Top Pageant is, well, actually a sexy wet underwear contest. The biggest wiener, er, winner takes home over $500 in cash and prizes, and the audience gets to vote.


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